Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Owner/iPCRC Registry

Welcome to the Honda Pacific Coast Owner Registry and registry for the internet Pacific Coast Rider's Club.

In order to be added to this registry, please complete the following questionnaire:  Owner/iPCRC Registry Questionnaire   When you have filled it out and click on the submit button, an email will be sent to me that I will use to add you to this registry.  I will only be updating this site about every other month so it may take a while for your entry to show up; please be patient.  Thanks.

If you find any data that is missing or incorrect on this site, please email me (Leland Sheppard).

This list started with the owners that registered on Neill Thompson's original PC800 site (  It is now separately maintained.  The numbers in this registry are consecutive; the entries are largely chronological and start with Neill as the first entry as was the case with the registry archive on his site.  Where duplicates have been discovered in my entries, you may find a blank line and an unused number.  As new people register, those blank lines will be reused so those entries will not be chronological.

The search capability here is limited to the Find command on your browser's Edit menu.

I built this list just because I wanted to see one listing of all of the PC Owner's.  Much of the world is represented in this list.  I hope you have as much fun browsing it as I have.

As indicated above, this list is also being used as the registry for the Internet/International/Intergalactic Pacific Coast Rider's Club ( and

Leland Sheppard
iPCRC #72

Registry part 1 (1,066kb - takes about two minutes to download using a 56k modem) - contains July 28, 1998 to November 03, 2016 - last updated 04/23/2017. 

NOTE:  People using WebTV may NOT be able to load the registry page because of its size.